Reincarnation - Do you ever feel like you used to be someone else?

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Catch a revolution, now you’re waging war again
Marching on the spot when you should have made amends

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To fight ice with fire is reckless.

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The most exciting thing I’ve done recently 

is buying all 5 seasons of Merlin for a good price. I already own 3 seasons. What can I say? I’ve learned some things since my panic attack over my Supernatural Season 1 disc failing to play anymore. I bought the replacement set that night. lol


Morgana Fest: Prompt #8
'Creator's Choice

“Forget Romeo and Juliet. Forget Jack and Rose. Forget Frodo and Sam. Forget Buffy and Angel. Nothing, nothing will ever be as tragically, beautifully heartbreaking as Merlin and Arthur.” [x]

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M O R G A N A a success [quote]

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